Paradigm of the Faith

by The Hysteria

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Paradigm of the Faith - debut LP album that was recorded and released in 2011.
It includes absolutely new material, or even new breath of the band. A big math-rock bands influence can be felt, but not only this stuff… also there can be heard lot’s of rock’n’roll, mathcore and deathcore… to feel all of these and the other our experiments - check us out!


released October 11, 2011

Writer: The Hysteria
Year - 2011
Label: S.F.label
Producer: Anton Rogov
Recorded by Phantom Rec.
Mixed by CircleWaves Studio



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The Hysteria Morris Plains, New Jersey

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Track Name: The Messenger
I'm the messenger
I came into this world for the sake of justice
there is too much lie in your words, bastards!
God does not approve your acts
You are spiteful piece of shit
Your life is worth only what you do say- nothingness, this is the fucking price
I will help you
I'll take your life and give you a rest
but not the rest from infernal torments
Divine rest, pacification.
But do you only deserve it?
Since childhood, you start to lie to relatives, friends,relatives and neighbors, people around you hear only your fucking lies!
I will heal you!!!
Those who will repent - will receive the rest
Those who will tell lies - will get their just deserts!
There is no place for pity!
There is a place for truth
I'm the messenger
you are sheeps that were left by their shepherd.
how is a taste of freedom?
Fuck you!
It was a false freedom
you do believe only to your fucking lies
Instead of following precepts of our God
Say goodbye to your pity life
I'm the messenger
I will deterge this world from the evil
Track Name: Algiophobia
Human life is full of anger and hatred
There is no forgiveness
It's not hard to look into eyes of the dying
With every moment of our live we become closer to the devil
We are so far from God
To seek salvation in lies is our path
God will always be waiting for us
It's so hard to tell the truth
It is easier to lie
We are afraid of pain
Pain was inflicted by the truth
Bethink about Jesus
Now tell me
Who saw his eyes in the last moment of his life?
And he was afraid!
He was afraid not for himself
He was afraid for all of us!
He was afraid that we won't understand
On what he dared
He died for all of us!
All of us should die instead of him
The Son has interceded for us
He rescued us !!!!!!
People don't appreciate it
We don't repent of the sins
We are continue to break all precepts
The few are capable to realize that fear in the eyes of Jesus
But we don't listen to their words
We are afraid
It's time stop it
God entrusted our lives to us
Track Name: Aurora's missiles
Look around
lie fills people's hearts
angel behind your back nothing can do
the devil sits in your heart
Do you think that we all are weak?
you're right
we need a signal to start
like Aurora's Missiles gave signal to start
to start of changing people's destinies
you need your own Aurora
God has already filed a signal
it was Jesus Christ
but next coming of Christ
will be a foreshadowing of Dies Irae
and nothing will save us
Look around
Do you remember the last words that God said?
what did he say?
no one remembers!
we have forgotten them
We do not keep his commandments
that's what killed us
now we wait
our own Aurora's Missiles
for appearing near him
Track Name: Paradigm of the Faith
This is our life
But actually these two words can't show all reality
money, sluts, power, drugs, politics, lies
This is people's wishes
they do not want to believe
People don't want to live with faith
It is very terrible to forget forever about lies, and about the other shit
All are afraid for their the ass

and you just need to believe!
you should open your heart for God
and stop making shit

All perfectly understand it, but anybody doesn't do it
And if somebody makes that, people will consider him as the crazy
You consider that lies, drugs, fucking politics it is normal?!

And it turns out like you think
you are weak, the faith makes us stronger

no money, no flattery, no sluts, no greed

it's never late to repent
the faith makes person stronger
paradigm of the faith is a very simple
You need to reject from all shit and just believe
open your heart
Be stronger than others